Organize your Spices and Go Organic

Lets go Organic. What are the first steps? I prefer to jump in with both feet. That may be difficult for some people but I find, it’s the most effective way to go. Lets start with the spices, they are after all the most important element to good cooking.

After having tossed out every spice in the cupboard which did not say organic on it, I acquired these cute little jars. Any store which sells bulk spices also sells these jars. Each time I shop for a new recipe, I buy a jars worth of spice and in this way my spice rack is being built up again.

Organic bulk spices, believe it or not, are not any more expensive than regular non-organic pre packaged spices. In fact they may be cheaper. Normally bulk spices cost between $7 and $21 a pound. These jars are far less than a pound. It’s an investment in the right direction.

Being able to personalize your jars just adds an element of fun the kitchen. Origami paper comes in a million shades of beautiful. I chose this colorful green butterfly paper, and affixed the labels with clear packing tape.

What a cheerful corner, my spice cupboard makes.

I might also add, that putting together a custom spice collection would make a perfect gift for the food lover in a family.

What do ya think?

How do YOU organize your spice?

Comment Love is better than butter!

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