Cookbooks are like Fishing Lures

This is not my tacklebox. (mine is cooler)

I’ve always treated cookbooks just like I treat my fishing lures. Don’t bother trying to figure that statement out.

Here, let me explain.

I collect them, can’t get enough of them in fact, and am always on the lookout for new ones. But when it all boils down, there may be three at best which I use regularly. The rest? Eye candy all.

When I found myself having to build new bookcases just to accommodate the cookbooks, I knew it was time to change.

I downsized. Getting rid of all but the relevent, and healthy. Embarking in a new direction.

I liked having so many cookbooks because like a good Swiss Army Knife, I would be prepared for any cuisine which my whims might fancy. Funny that, for I am very much an anti-cookbook type of person. Not for me, are the rigid rules of measuring and following someone elses idea of a step by step meal. At best I follow a recipe only often enough to memorize the basic gist of things, from then on I go by whim alone. Curtis Stone down there in that you tube video is more my style. His show used to inspire me to new heights of creativity.

The oohs and aahs of pleasure which emanate from anyone who eats my concoctions, is the reward and the motive which kept me going in this fashion.

But now, I’m leaving behind everything I knew before and must make vegetables my main focus. Yeah, I can assure you vegetables took a very minor role in my lifestyle up to this point.

So it is quite understandable that I have some real concerns that I might die of malnutrition sometime in the near future.

For this reason I have chained myself to a cookbook or two, and must follow their instructions to the letter. This is torture for me, but self-preservation dictates it. I know my great numbers  (1) of readers are wishing and hoping I will soon get to the food aspect of this blog. But first things first, Lets introduce  my slave masters aka: the cookbooks I will be exploring.

actually I will be reviewing 6 cookbooks, so they need their own post. If you are reading this: Thank you! I’ll begin the reviews next post. Trust me, they aint gonna be pretty.

9 thoughts on “Cookbooks are like Fishing Lures

  1. How about creating your own cookbook? Getting together all the recipes/ideas of recipes that you like and use, and keeping them in one folder. Certainly won’t take up as much room on the shelves then!

  2. We are always looking for good vegetarian recipes. We find that when we try to eat vegetarian we always end up using lots of cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese? But we figure we’d like to give our bodies a break and eat some other things that might be a tad healthier.

    • What has shocked me the most these past few months? I have not cooked with butter at all, and the food doesnt even need it. I never could imagine not needing butter. I will enjoy seeing what you think about the recipes, once I start putting them up. Thanks for visiting me, Rubin.

  3. This post resonates with me because I feel conflicted between my abilities to cook (which are adequate and occasionally inventive) and my love of cookbooks (oh, boy, do I love them).

    The analogy of comparing cookbooks to fishing lures works very well to serve your idea on several levels. I can’t wait to read your reviews of the cookbooks you’ve decided to keep!

    • Hi Bluebird, and thanks so much for suscribing. I can relate to you there, even though I got rid of them, I remember them one and all. I am still trying to decide how to handle my first book review. (I already wrote it, but fear it may be too dry a read)

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