Vita-Mix – product review

If you were going to be stranded in the desert and could only take one thing with you, what would it be? I remember something about a joke with the punch line being, the blonde girl would take a car door. So she could roll down the window if it got too hot.

Vita Mix

Well, I don’t know much about deserts or bad jokes, but if I could only ever have one kitchen appliance for the rest of my life, that appliance would be a Vita-Mix. It is the number one most useful and versatile thing in the galaxy. Well, as far as cooking in a kitchen goes.

It can and does turn whole grains into flour. If I choose to, I can make my flour instead of buying it. Very convenient if, I only need a small amount such as soy flour.
Grind spices like whole cloves into powder.
It makes a hot soup if you are so inclined.
No need to peel stuff, no need to de-seed stuff, it all blends into a perfect puree. Making a health drink using a Vita-Mix is sinfully easy.
The blade assembly rarely ever needs to come apart, so washing it and keeping it clean is not a dangerous hassle. Thats a big plus for me. I have always hated having to dismantle a blender in order to wash it.

This baby has a 2 horsepower motor inside it. It’s virtually unbreakable. I have had mine for almost 10 years now.

Its only drawback is, it can be a tad loud (kinda like a chain saw). So if your bedroom is too close to the kitchen, don’t plan on making any health drinks to surprise your sleeping sweetheart. Your sweetie (me) will be a grouchy bear instead.

My big Mistake

My household used to make Vita-Mix health drinks first thing in the morning. It really was too easy. When it was my turn to make them I would traverse to the kitchen in a stupor of sleepy grogginess. Then I would start dumping things into the Vita-Mix.  One of those ‘things’ would be Brewers Yeast, this healthy item is an acquired taste, and we had acquired it. But on this fateful day, I should have paid better attention. My Brewers Yeast comes in a big white can. I keep it in the fridge. Also in the fridge is a Tupperware containing bulk Bakers Yeast. (I bake a lot) So, as I was saying..

I accidentally put three heaping scoops of BAKERS Yeast into the health drinks, instead of Brewers Yeast. Big, Big mistake, that! Oh we drank it all anyway, as that’s how much a stickler I am for not wasting money. But it was HORRIBLE, like a bakery had exploded into the milkshakes. This experience put an instant halt to my health drink making habit. It has been about a year or so without health shakes. If the memory of that horrible yeasty taste ever goes away, I will once again make health drinks in the morning. Ha,Ha.

Those of you who already have a Vita-mix might be interested to know, they have revamped the old model. Rather its still the same thing but the housing is designed to reduce some of that noise. They are a bit quieter AND they now come in red! AND they now come with an additional small canister. YAY! I think I need to start planning my budget to acquire a new model.

Vita-mix is the brand of choice used by almost every professional in the American food industry. Another reason I vouch for this product is because they don’t make anything else except these blenders. As opposed to kitchen-aid, which while a great brand, still they make everything under the sun.

Is it pricey? Yes. But you get what you pay for and its worth every penny. Here is a link to the  Vita-Mix website.

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