Hawk song for Guitar parts 2 and 3 Snake, Heron

Hawk Song Part 2


(A-, E-, D-)
Then the bird looked right at me
and this is what he said
“Pay attention to my words
then you’l be wise, not dead”

In the pond, there’s such a one
and low, his only view
He slithers there upon the ground
on belly to and fro

He weaves a trap around his prey
His evil eye to flow.
Dont take advise from him my friend
or you might soon be food.

He is but one, amongst his kind.
a king but not a God.
His power is not endless
though even he thinks so.

Dont see the world from his eye view
His only view is cursed.
He’ll lie in wait, a broken boy
sink fangs upon your shirt.

part 3

The Heron is a wise bird
He knows of what I speak
Standing tall on solid ground
Snakes head gets pierced by beak

and so I turned to Heron
said, “tell me of your view”
with plumage high, this graceful bird
blue feather to me flew.

I reached a hand and caught it up
looked closely in its veins
for there upon its beauty,
lay wonders to amaze

Though its knees be backward
it’s head is far too high.
Still it lives a lovely life,
This feather told me why.

(chorus G,C still needs work)

I need not fear
for I shall overcome
just stay the course.
with fortitude.
illusions then be done.
For a snake is nought but food.
and easy prey at that.

It’s just the way it’s got to be.
and never make a splash.
Say nothing,
but pierce the thing you need.
Deny everything,
and enemies will bleed..

Think happy thoughts
for ripples in the pond.
it’s a lovely day my friend
of you, I have grown fond.


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