Living in a One Horse Town

I have recently completed a move to a new home. It’s SO very beautiful here, and I’m loving my new wrap-around roofed porch. But I had a surprising and rude awakening the other day. It involves the internet.

You see… it does not exist here in this picturesque little New England town.

Now; living in an area known for it’s forward thinking and educated citizenry, I’m rather shocked that this is the case. Turns out: only 300 people are allotted a slot at Ye Ole Junction box. I was lucky enough (by a miracle) to get myself placed at the top of the waiting list. But in the mean-time, I’m at a loss.

MI-Fi was a No Go (it only gets one 1/2 bars)
DSL is unavailable through everybody except (the waiting list)
and yes… I even tried signing on with a dial-up service. That lasted just long enough for me to attempt to load my email. SHEESH, it  was S-L-O-O-O-O-W.

Satalite might be an option, but it may be spotty at best. I’m rather afraid to sink a deposit on it, without a guarantee of its performance.

Where does this leave me? My minimalist lifestyle choice is about to get really and truly minimal. Until this gets fixed, I must go on an internet hiatus.

The good news? I’ll be pulling all my resources together, nose in books, and all in all soaking up a lot of new fodder and experience for future blog posts.

The bad news? How in the world will I be able to keep abreast of blogs and emails?  It looks like I might have opportunity to do these things only once a week. Perhaps I’ll write blog posts at home, then upload them on a schedule. We shall see.

Wish me luck, and don’t forget about me, please.

Oh yeah, and my local library? Only open for 4 hours 3 days a week. Where did I move to, the middle ages??!!

The wonderful, artsy town of Northampton is SO very close to me. colleges are everywhere, art and culture…. international food… It’s ALL here less than 15 miles away from me. Who would EVER have thunk that my new town was still in the stages of being a one horse town.


9 thoughts on “Living in a One Horse Town

  1. That picture is just priceless! Hope you are enjoying all other aspects of your move and that all is going well. Good luck with settling in, moves are always exciting and nerve-wracking. Are the kitties happy? Hope you are doing wonderful, Sara!

  2. Coincidentally, I am about fifteen miles from Northampton, though a different one. If Northamptons were linked, so you could be in yours and instantly in mine, there would be no need for an internet. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

  3. Oh NO.. you poor darling. i have rubbish internet, terribly slow but at least i get it, our library is privately run and only open every now and then but i think we have TWO horses in our town! I read that 40 percent of internet users in America cannot get broadband, i guess you and I are in that percentage. c

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