Unconventional Kitchen Storage

Kitchen organizationHeres a kitchen storage solution that may surprise. Ever see those nice sturdy tool storage cabinets kept by mechanics and sold in hardware stores? They have so many advantages.

Sanitary inside and out, Wide flat trays, wheels making it portable, and a place to hang a towel. The bottom drawers are perfect for ungainly pan lids and even fit large mixing bowls. What more can a chef ask for? Once having tried this solution myself, I’ll never go back to using a conventional drawer. Why waste time pawing though a deep pile of kitchen implements?

You might be thinking ‘man-cave’ right about now. But the clean lines and chrome on black lend this cabinet a chef-like look that works.This solution provides a real meaning to the phrase, “a place for everything and everything in its place.”

I keep a cutting board on top of mine, but it can just as easily accommodate seldom used appliances which can then be wheeled to the outlet when needed.

and Lastly: Enjoy