Quick and Natural Macrobiotic Cookbook – review

ISBN 0-8092-4436-5

Quiting all meat and processed foods overnight as it were, had me feeling overwhelmed about my food choice options. Mind you, I thrive on feeling challenged, so I’m not complaining at all.  But when this book found its way to me I felt fresh relief. Gone, were my worries over what constitutes a healthy Vegetarian dinner or lunch.

This book took the mystery out of it. Instead of listing recipes by type ie: fruits, pastas, soups, etc.. THIS cookbook listed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Then it offers a complete days food itinerary from breakfast in the AM to dessert in the PM.

I eagerly shut my brain off and planned my shopping list for the entire week based off this books recommendations. This proved both educational AND a disaster. But before  I get into that, lets discuss why this book Rocks! Continue reading


Way to Cook Vegetarian – cookbook review

ISBN 0-8487-3366-5 published by Oxmoor House

As a rule, I avoid things with the words ‘light,’ in them. I am completely uninterested in a sparse meal. Simple? Yes! But light? Hell No! Never-the-less This cookbook first published in 2010 is quickly becoming my favorite Vegetarian cookbook. I love it!

Its got a full-page photo for each recipe and additional step by step pictures when needed, perfect for visually oriented people. But that’s not all, the recipe selections offered are all so appealing it’s hard to choose just one thing to make.

That grilled zucchini pizza which can be seen on the bottom right cover for example was fabulous!

To be fair, some things in it proved to be duds. Take for example Buddha’s Delight with tofu. The picture looked great. The food was displayed in a bright red chinese take-out box. The steps of creating this meal were burdensome only to discover the complete and total lack of flavor in the meal. Yes, I was taken in by that red display box. They needed it, otherwise it would have been obvious the meal was tasteless. To be fair, a true Buddhist would have been delighted. They are not a people who flavor their meals and eat a very simple fare.

BUT don’t let my criticism dissuade you. This book rocks! Here is what it says on the inside jacket cover. ” For the first time, Cooking Light brings together in one book all the essential techniques for creating delicious, healthy vegetarian meals that you can enjoy every day.” “.. a celebration of all the plant world has to offer.”

And a celebration it is, with over 400 full color well-organized pages. Many of the recipes in this blog will come from this book.

As this is a short entry, it needs some fleshing out. How bout a video? This video is super cool. I could watch it over and over. Indeed, I had to in order to understand it. Beautiful and more than a little disturbing.

My favorite part of the video is those two lovers having passionate sex, engaged in the act of creating a new universe. But also how about that falling helicopter? Heralding in a glorious cacophony of destruction. I searched and found three conflicting english translations of the lyrics but decided in the end, this video speaks for itself. No translation needed. Is it scary? Is it weird? Is it wonderful? Notice the new life at the end there?

The Vegetarian Cookbook by Readers Digest – cookbook review

ISBN # 978-0-7621-090

I was not shopping for cookbooks at the time I bought this one. Rather the super amazing photos of meals in this book demanded I buy it.  Big colorful, well presented food photos, they are. Almost every recipe I have tried so far has been very satisfying. The ingredients are in big bold print, making it easy to see, and the steps are numbered clearly. All in all, I like this book a lot. Join me for future posts featuring recipes from this book with such titles as:

Carrot and Ginger Salad
Melted Brie with Vegetables
Tofu Stir Fry with Cashews
Peppers stuffed with Minted Rice

Now, What would this post be if it didn’t include an awesome song that has nothing to do with food. BUT it has everything to do with Fairytales, and thats good enough for me.

The Vegetarian Handbook Cookbook Review

This song has nothing to do with food, but hey, it’s a great song! If todays post proves to be too dry, well then just watch this lively vista-filled video instead. Take precautions if at work however: This song may make you want to do a jig on  top of your desk.

Vegetarians are statistically healthier than meat eaters, but logic demands certain deductions.

Mainly, that eating only vegetables does not by itself guarantee good health. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that the average vegetarian is just as ignorant of wise eating habits as their meat-eating counterparts definitely are. Yes there are healthy vegetarians in the world, but those whom I have met, at least in my corner of the world, seem to be the exception, not the norm.

A case in point: Even the organic vegetarian supermarkets dedicate many isles to the veg equivalent of junk food, tv dinners, and pre processed crap I wouldn’t eat unless I had no choice.

Its been my limited experience, not living in a large urban area, that many vegetarians are too thin, they have limp hair, look older than they really are, and catch colds all the time. For that matter, they all look like long distance hikers. Ever seen a long distance hiker?

ISBN 0-312-14441-5

Knowing my vegetable ignorance, I let the notion of becoming a vegetarian stew on the back burner. That is until an unexpected twist of fate put this book in my hand. It was just the thing I had need of. Written by two PHDs with things like Yale and Pratt Institute as credentials. These guys use Science and research. They use computers to analyze nutritional content and proteins, then combine ingredients according to those findings.

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