Vita-Mix – product review

If you were going to be stranded in the desert and could only take one thing with you, what would it be? I remember something about a joke with the punch line being, the blonde girl would take a car door. So she could roll down the window if it got too hot.

Vita Mix

Well, I don’t know much about deserts or bad jokes, but if I could only ever have one kitchen appliance for the rest of my life, that appliance would be a Vita-Mix. It is the number one most useful and versatile thing in the galaxy. Well, as far as cooking in a kitchen goes. Continue reading


How to Season and use a Mortar and Pestle

A good Mortar and Pestle is a must have item to keep in your well used kitchen. I passed by many a mortar and pestle till I finally found one that I wanted to take home. Before buying one, take a good long look at it. Make sure it is really made of legitimate materials and not simply a low quality imitation made to appear like the real thing. Look also for cracks and dings in it. Once you take it home you will need to season it before first use.

Step 1 Rinse it under fast running water and  give it a scrub. Do not ever use soap on your Mortar.

Step 2  put some good quality hard white rice into it, and grind it. When the rice is ground fine AND also very dirty, dump it out. Keep repeating this step until the white rice stays white. Continue reading