Living in a One Horse Town

I have recently completed a move to a new home. It’s SO very beautiful here, and I’m loving my new wrap-around roofed porch. But I had a surprising and rude awakening the other day. It involves the internet.

You see… it does not exist here in this picturesque little New England town.

Now; living in an area known for it’s forward thinking and educated citizenry, I’m rather shocked that this is the case. Turns out: only 300 people are allotted a slot at Ye Ole Junction box. I was lucky enough (by a miracle) to get myself placed at the top of the waiting list. But in the mean-time, I’m at a loss.

MI-Fi was a No Go (it only gets one 1/2 bars) Continue reading


Confessions of a meat eater

Once upon a time, and long, long ago…

I read a book about a spiritual journey called, Hinds Feet on high places. Perhaps you are familiar with it? It was like a modern rendition of the famous classic called Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan. Unlike Pilgrims Progress, this story speaks from a female point of view. It seemed not to shirk around hard issues and didn’t candy coat things so, I read them with an inquisitive mind, as I embarked on my youthful discovery of things spiritual.

The book was a series, I eagerly read. That is until I got into later books. All of a sudden, and out of the blue, the storyline started talking about Vegetarianism and making some strange claim about God and the Garden of Eden. I was shocked, disgusted and disappointed.  Without reading a single word further I filed this book in my mind under the category of ‘stupid cults’ and ‘dont go there!’ I couldn’t fling this book in the trash fast enough! Continue reading

Cookbooks are like Fishing Lures

This is not my tacklebox. (mine is cooler)

I’ve always treated cookbooks just like I treat my fishing lures. Don’t bother trying to figure that statement out.

Here, let me explain.

I collect them, can’t get enough of them in fact, and am always on the lookout for new ones. But when it all boils down, there may be three at best which I use regularly. The rest? Eye candy all.

When I found myself having to build new bookcases just to accommodate the cookbooks, I knew it was time to change.

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When Meat Eaters Go Bad

Despite being known as gentle and kind by anyone who has ever met me, In truth I harbor some pretty rigid opinions usually reserved to share with only a chosen few worthy souls. Opinions which may shock the faint of heart and do gooders of the world. For example this little opinion of mine which I have developed into a full-blown theory. My version of How the world should function, or rather, one aspect of it. Yes, If I was all powerful I would have taken all of the vegetarians of the world (excepting those who abstain for spiritual reasons) and I would have stuck them all on a small island with nothing but Thumpers and Bambies on it. Give em some Bowie knives and then see how long their resolve to be better than thou tree huggers lasts.

Yeah, I’m harsh I know. I blame this on my Russian heritage. Being raised at my grandpa’s knee on stories of what life was like in the ‘old country.’ Those where the days in which if one got caught stealing a loaf of bread, the punishment was to lose a hand. Ole Gramps never told me the whole story at that tender age completely neglecting to mention that the only reason someone would steal a loaf of bread in the ‘old country’ was because they were downright starving. But I think the point here is, solve problems quickly and with relevance. Fast forward to today. I bet if the punishment for committing a gun crime was to cut off a trigger finger, Heck, it would solve so many problems at once. Dont you agree? Think about it.

Oops, First day, first blog post and I’m already off topic.

If my words have not riled you up and caused you to leave this blog in anger, then Thank you for that. That background information had to be provided in order for what I’m about to say to have its impact. Having taken steps towards major change in my life, I must have knocked a screw loose for I did something I never would have foreseen in a million years.

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