rules of the kitchen

Commenters and subscribers, kick off your shoes and be welcome here. Voice your opinions, good AND bad. I’d love to hear it and will always visit your blogs and leave a return comment or two, because comment love is fun to share.


Barefoot in the Kitchen does not practice an automatic follow back policy. The Zen maiden is more interested in serving up the best posts that can be cooked up, rather than in networking for it’s own sake.

If your blog is well written, has a Zest for life or learning, if it engages the mind, or contains wit, then, in all likelihood I will subscribe back to you.

Awards: I think you can already tell where this is going. 🙂 I do not accept blog awards. It’s not that I wouldn’t like being thought of, but filling all those award requirements out, really takes a lot of time. Time, I would rather spend in my kitchen, if ya know what I mean.