Quick and Natural Macrobiotic Cookbook – review

ISBN 0-8092-4436-5

Quiting all meat and processed foods overnight as it were, had me feeling overwhelmed about my food choice options. Mind you, I thrive on feeling challenged, so I’m not complaining at all.  But when this book found its way to me I felt fresh relief. Gone, were my worries over what constitutes a healthy Vegetarian dinner or lunch.

This book took the mystery out of it. Instead of listing recipes by type ie: fruits, pastas, soups, etc.. THIS cookbook listed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Then it offers a complete days food itinerary from breakfast in the AM to dessert in the PM.

I eagerly shut my brain off and planned my shopping list for the entire week based off this books recommendations. This proved both educational AND a disaster. But before  I get into that, lets discuss why this book Rocks! Continue reading