Homemade Organic Vegetable Broth Powder

As I am the kind of person who would like to live in the middle of a deserted forest with my own private arsenal of weaponry and booby-trapped land features, oops, er, I mean self-sufficient, and embracing a whole foods independent lifestyle, I have noticed that a great deal of my Vegetarian cookbooks ask for the use of vegetable broth. Its becoming a staple in my kitchen. SO naturally, I might begin to wonder if there is a home-made method I might implement and so avoid having to buy it pre-packaged from the store. Yes, yes everyone knows that to make vegetable broth, one boils the veggies, then throws them out, keeping only the broth.

This idea of throwing food out has always bothered my frugal self. Same thing goes for throwing away the pulp when making juice. WHY do this?

I thought to myself, “I’ll just google  homemade broth powder and the results will be numerous and easy. Seems easy enough. But now I wonder if Google hates me, or else there is nobody in the world making their own broth powder? I found at best 3 sites, none of which met my needs. Then, of all things wonderful, I found a WordPress blogger, who had done exactly the thing I was aiming for.  Here is a link to that persons excellent and tasteful blog post. Go check it out.

With my fellow blogger to boost my confidence, (I learned a thing or two) I made my first batch of broth powder. I winged it, as they say. Using only intuition gleaned from bits and pieces of this and that. Continue reading